Atheists contend that matter existed from eternity, that it had no beginning and that all formations evolved fortuitously.

Creator of the heavens and the earth from nothingness, He has only to say when He wills a thing, “Be,” and it is.(2:117)

The Arabic word “beda’a” means creation of something out of nothing. This word also connotes the fact that something is created not on a pattern previously designed of something but as a completely new entity having no precedence. The greatest marvel of the creation is the creation of all concepts out of nothing. Think of the spectrum of colors. None of us can visualize a color that we have not already seen, nor can we produce that color. We are familiar with colors that already exist, but we cannot possibly create a new color. God, on the other hand, created all colors at a time when the concept of color did not exist, just as the universe did not exist before. To create a concept and its range of contents out of nothing is beyond human imagination and power.

Atheists contend that matter existed from eternity, that it had no beginning and that all formations evolved fortuitously. For example, in his books, famous materialist theoretician George Politzer contends that the universe was not created; had it been so, the universe would have been the work of a God who would have created it at a given moment out of nothing, that in order to be able to accept the theory of creation, one had to posit the existence of a moment when there was no universe, as it was to emerge from the void.

Atheism is the belief that God does not exist and materialism is the belief that only physical things have reality. These two words are often used as synonyms. Atheists who refute God’s existence accept the infinite existence of matter, and are, consequently, materialists. Atheists contend that matter was not created but existed from eternity. The postulate of the eternal existence of God and that matter was created goes back to the monotheistic religions. All the monotheistic religions postulate that God existed from eternity and that matter was created by God. The fact that matter was created also proves the existence of God and that Judaism and Christianity and Islam are religions revealed by God.

It is true that there are still some people today who worship the sun, the moon and fire. They carry on their practices and rituals without any logical, scientific or philosophical justification. It is futile to logically or scientifically refute beliefs that do not value reason, logic and science. Such people need evidence that would break down their prejudices and relieve them of their obsessions. Throughout history there have been three separate viewpoints that allege to be in conformity with reason and science. These viewpoints at least declare that they accept reason, logic and science as criteria. In the present book, I shall try to expound on these ideas and analyze their relevancy.

These three views are:
1) Monotheism: There is but one God, He that created this magnificent physical universe and everything in it, living or inanimate.

2) Atheistic materialism: Matter has been in existence since eternity. Everything is made of matter from a chain of fortuitous events.

3) Agnosticism: We cannot know which of these two viewpoints is correct. Both may be justified in their postulates. Essentially there are two fundamental alternatives. For the third announces that none of these views can be proved rather than propounding a new view. The agnostic point of view contends that we cannot know whether matter and things were created or not. For instance in his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, David Hume’s (1711-1776) three interlocutors exhibit contrasts, namely “the accurate philosophical turn of Cleanthes” with “the careless skepticism of Philo” and “the rigid inflexible orthodoxy of Demea;” the words of Philo reflect the agnostic attitude. Kant (1724-1804) in The Critique of Pure Reason asserts that we cannot know whether matter was created or not. (Although his ideas were agnostic in character, Kant believed in God.)


The agnostic’s assertion may be expressed by the sentence, “We cannot know whether there is a God or not, and we cannot know whether the universe has been in existence since eternity or not.” He believes that nothing is or can be known. If the hypothesis “Matter had a beginning” is confirmed, the assertion that “Matter had no beginning” would be refuted and the contention “We cannot know whether it had a beginning or not” will be proved wrong. Thus, demonstration of the fact that matter had a beginning is a blow not only to atheism but also to agnosticism and skepticism. Once the hypothesis of the beginning and creation of matter has been confirmed, the atheists should abandon their disbelief and the agnostics their skepticism. If you remember the words in the sura The Prophets, verse 30, “Will they not believe even then?” this statement in the verse that described the Big Bang is a sign according to which the unbelievers will stick to their own convictions, or lack of conviction. It has become clear that an agnostic is no different than a man who worships the cow and the denial of the atheist is tantamount to the adoration of fire; these people base their philosophies on absolute lack of evidence, sheer delusion, total lack of logic and scientific reasoning.

The claims of rationality and the so-called scientific approach of the atheists and agnostics have been debunked. In the coming pages we shall see that both in the creation of the universe, in things created within the universe and in the creation of living beings, an intelligently designed process is going on, and we shall demonstrate that the objections of agnostics and skeptics to this assertion are merely delusions.


It was understood that time existed in relation to the movements of matter. As matter and its movements did not exist prior to the Big Bang, time did not exist before the Big Bang. Matter and time came into being after the Big Bang. Their existence depends on each other. Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking conclusively proved in mathematical terms that the universe had had a beginning. The Big Bang theory confirmed the hypothetical alternative suggested by atheists that the universe had to have a beginning if it had been created. In brief, the claims of atheists have been proven wrong in scientific terms and in terms of logic and reason; and yet the atheistic attitude is still prevalent today due to reasons like stubbornness, delusion and arbitrariness. If there are two theses that negate each other, the substantiation of either of them disproves the other’s argument. The contention of atheists that matter existed from eternity having thus been falsified, the fact that it was created becomes the incontestable truth, discrediting the conviction of unbelievers. Insistence of denial of this proven fact is a gross mistake and an example of inexcusable dogmatism.

To the contrary, these are clear signs in the hearts of those who are granted knowledge. None deny Our messages except the unjust.(29:49)


The Big Bang theory confirmed that the universe and time had a beginning and that matter did not exist from eternity but was created. The assertion that the universe existed from eternity was thus debunked. The Big Bang not only demonstrated that the universe was created by the Creator, but at the same time the false beliefs like the distribution of sovereignties among divinities, each having under his command the earth, the sun, the moon and the mountains respectively, were proved wrong. It became clear that whoever He was Who had devised the initial composition of the universe, having recourse to the Big Bang, was the Creator of everything. Thus the universe was under the exclusive control of One Single Power and this power was not shared. The universe evolved from a single point; the Author of that point was also the Originator of men, rivers, stars, butterflies, supernovas, colors, suffering and happiness, music and aesthetics. Since everything came into being emerging from the oneness, He must be the Author of that “oneness.

The Big Bang showed that the matter idolized by atheists, and the matter that makes up the entire universe is but an insignificant speck of dust, so to say. Those who witnessed that from that insignificant speck there have emerged men, beasts, plants, and the universe in its glowing colors understand that the genius was not inherent in the matter itself but in something exterior to it, i.e., in the Creator. Close your eyes and try to imagine the void and open them to behold the trees, the seas, the heavens, your own image reflected in the mirror, the food put at your disposal for your consumption and the works of art. . . . How could all these glorious things have emerged all by themselves from the dark and from one single point in the void? For intelligent minds, the creation unfolds itself not only in artistic aesthetics but also in mathematical terms. The velocity of expansion of the universe is of such a critical point that, according to the expression of a scientist, had the velocity been different at the primeval explosion less than 1/1018, the universe would have collapsed, sinking unto itself and never coming into being as it is. Likewise had the quantity of matter been less than it actually was, the universe would have scattered around, rendering the formation of the celestial bodies impossible. The force applied in the disintegration of the initial composition at the moment of creation is not only incommensurably great, but the design behind it is infinitely ingenious. Thus everything was designed by our Creator to make possible the existence of the universe. All these events are meant to show the blindfolded the infinite power of our Creator and the fact that He designed everything to the most infinitesimal detail perfectly. We are witnessing another fact through these phenomena: impossibility does not exist in the vocabulary of the Creator; it suffices Him to wish that something come about, and there it is.

Astrophysics in the Glorious Quran


The time has come now to examine the end of the world and the universe as expressed in the Quran. We are fully convinced that there has been no other book in the entire history of mankind that has given such a detailed account of the beginning and end of the world. Delve into all the books in history preceding scientific data and you will see that there is none like the Quran. It was said that the Quran would provide the signs and evidence; here they are, then! Will these not suffice for someone who is unbiased?

Those who disbelieved said, “There is no coming of the Hour for us.” Say, “No, by my Lord, the knower of the unseen, it will certainly come upon you.”[34:3]

If We give him a taste of mercy after suffering some adversity, he says, “This belongs to me. I do not think that the Hour will come. Even if I am returned to my Lord, I will find in Him better things.” Certainly We will inform the disbelievers of all their works and We will afflict them with severe retribution.[41:50]

It is man’s habit, confined in his own time bracket, to consider everything around him as constant and static. At the time of the Prophet, speaking of the end of the world, and especially of the universe, would be beyond conception. People ignorant of the fact that
the world was an object flying in space, considered it a safe and sound place under their feet. They could not have believed that the day would come when everything would vanish.

As the accumulation of knowledge increased, thanks to scientific discoveries, it became clear that the end of the universe and of our world was inevitable. No one of sound mind today would assert that the world will exist forever. Even if no other celestial phenomenon occurs, it is certain that once the energy of the sun is exhausted, the end of the world will become unavoidable. However, the way and the exact time of this occurrence cannot be predicted.

To give you an example, the laws of thermodynamics indicate that the end will come. A stove’s heating of a room; our leaving a cup of tea to cool down are subject to this law. Especially Rudolf Clausius’s studies have led to the adoption of a measure of the unavailable energy called entropy. The total entropy continuously increases in the universe. The sun’s heat flows toward the cold of the universe and this process is irreversible…


Will this process go on forever? The answer will be “No.” When heat reaches a constant temperature, there comes about a static state called “thermodynamic balance.” The flow of heat from the sun and from the multitude of stars may last for billions of years, but it is not inexhaustible.

At the end of a time bracket, the laws of thermodynamics will make the activities going on in the universe come to a standstill. Under the circumstances, we can make the following deductions:

1- That the universe had a beginning, and
2- That it will come to an end one day.

All religions that have expounded belief in one God throughout history have been defenders of these two arguments. The Quran had this to say about the beginning and end of the universe. (In the first three chapters we read the miraculous statements of the Quran about the beginning of the universe.) On the other hand, materialists claim that matter has existed since eternity and will continue to exist forever and ever. In other words, they deny the beginning that led to the idea of creation and the end of the world and the universe, the sine qua non of religion. (In the two verses quoted above we saw the objections raised at the time of the Prophet against him.) When, as a result of developments in astrophysics, it became clear that the universe did have in fact, a beginning and an end, some atheists tried to fit their theories to the new discoveries. However, it is evident that before this issue was scientifically established, the atheists were against this idea. Nevertheless, despite the data provided by scientific studies, there are still atheists who refuse to believe that the universe had a beginning and that it will have an end.

The laws of thermodynamics confirm the assertions of monotheistic religions. This is then the scientific evidence supporting the teachings of the three major monotheistic religions regarding the end of the world. Had the universe existed since eternity, according to the laws of thermodynamics, all actions in the entire universe would have come to a standstill by now (according to thermodynamic balance). The fact that there is still action in the universe shows that the universe had no eternal existence, but that it had a beginning. Given the fact that there is still action going on in the universe and that it had a beginning, the end of the universe must come- at least according to the laws of thermodynamics. However, it appears that we shall not have to wait for the consequence of the laws of thermodynamics 

[We shall come back to this point in Chapter 68 and 69]

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The Arabic expression “zat-ul hubuk” means ingeniously devised paths (orbits). The expression connotes beautifully designed formations.

By the Sky with its ingeniously devised paths (orbits). [51:7]

The scintillating brilliance of the stars that has enchanted us ever since the beginning of our existence, the incomparable sight unfolded across the sky has always attracted our attention, overwhelming us. Numerous poems and prose works describe the charming sensations that the sky generates in the human breast. The rising and setting of the sun, the phases of the moon, the sky studded with stars give the picture of a steady state universe. The universe full of its orbits is not visible to the naked eye. Stars that move at incredible speeds seem stationary to us. The fact that all stars and heavenly bodies are in motion was only scientifically established after the discovery of the telescope and the advance of science. The number of galaxies in the universe exceeds hundreds of millions, each comprising more than one hundred million stars, some larger and some smaller than the sun. Our sun is comparably of middle size. These stars have many planets like the earth and the planets have their satellites like our moon. All these have come about after having detached from one single point. All these stars and planets and satellites have their respective orbits. The omnipotence of God is conspicuous in His creation. God who originated everything from a single point demonstrated that the skill involved was not inherent in that point; having generated from it billions of celestial bodies displayed the endlessness of His power and facility. Every one of these bodies moves in its own orbit so that the state of the universe changes every second. This variation takes place by the motion within the respective orbit of every star, planet and satellite. Every moment in the universe is a new occurrence: so is every instant of a star, a planet and a satellite.


The process of motion has been the subject of study by many thinkers throughout history. Plato said that the source of motion must have been God and described the universe as being governed by a Designer who was good and beneficent. Aristotle inferred that God must be the Prime Mover, that He was the original source and cause of motion in the universe. Farabi, representative of the Islamic world, concluded that the Prime Mover was the source of all existence and that He, the Unmoved Mover, had generated the movement. The Ihvan-› Safa, a philosophical-religious association of the 10th century, produced encyclopedic works. This association underlined the motion of the universe, confirmed the process of creation out of nothing, drawing attention to the order reigning in the universe and the perpetual movement that proved the existence of God. A great many Christian thinkers like Thomas Aquinas saw the motion of the universe as an evidence of a Supreme Being.

The fact that the motion in the universe is not limited to our solar system or to a handful of stars but is spread all over space is a very important point since it is also a proof of the endlessness of the power of God. The attention that the verse draws to the orbits in space is also meaningful. Galaxies move in perpetual motion; their constituent billions of stars float in their respective pathways; the planets trace elliptical orbits around the stars; and the satellites make their rounds about the planets, motion inside motion. If motion had not been devised to be an intrinsic part of matter we could not have sat comfortably in our chairs to watch TV. Nor would the sun, the earth or our very selves exist. All these formations owe their existence to the moving objects. The movement of stars in their orbits, the movement of planets around the stars have rendered our existence possible and our sipping coffee while watching television. The creation of motion in an ingenious and regular order generating chain reactions, and our observation of precise, ordered and perfect movements in galaxies of macrocosm and in atoms of microcosm are flamboyant invitations to conceive God’s power and knowledge. There will certainly be people who will turn a deaf ear to these invitations. Verse 7 of the sura The Dispersing that draws our attention to the orbits is followed by the following verses:

You are surely caught in contradictions [51:8]
Deviating therefrom are the deviators. [51:9]

Astrophysics in the Glorious Quran

The spider and the atheist

For many years atheists used to criticize this likening, but the scientific researches had proved the accuracy of the verses of Qur’an …

Allah almighty says”The likeness of those who take Auliya' (protectors and helpers) other than Allah is as the likeness of a spider, who builds (for itself) a house, but verily, the frailest (weakest) of houses is the spider's house; if they but knew.”[ Sûrat Al-‘Ankabût(The Spider)-verse41],this is a wonderful verse to prove the greatness of the holy Qur’an and to be a clear reply on atheists who claim that the Qur’an is a human made.

Here, we will see that house of the spider is weak not only from the construction point of view but also from the social side.

Spider house is weak

House of the spider is definitely the weakest as all creatures build strong houses to afford bad weather but the spider builds its house in the open area where it is exposed to rain, wind and moisture. And we can find the strangest kind of spiders is that one which lives in water.

this kind of spiders lives under water and gathers bubbles and usethis bubbles to fill the house and it can breath through that house , there are small capillarieswhich cover its body to help in gathering the bubbles….look at the house which is consists of bubbles that can be destroyed under any circumstances!!!

The water spider lives under water and it builds the house by bubbles so it is so weak as it lasts only for houres or days then it is destroyed by any outside factor , after that the spider builds another house and so on , the water spider lives alone all of his life.

The weak engineering

Most of creatures and insects build its houses in 3D designe, but the spider build it in 2D or flat and it get affected by temperature, moistureand wind so the spider may eat its own house to produce another threads to rebuild the house again!!!!

Scientists are thinking to gather large amount of spiders’threads to use it as a protection shields or in the planes industry but they have to gather large number of spiders in one place to produce that amount of threads, the problem is that spiders start to eat each other as they don’t like cooperation or Sacrificing.

The weak family

Mother may eat her husband or sons or any other spider ……!!!!It is only a separated life which is similar to the life of the atheist who onlybelieves in his or her life. That is clear in the life of people in western countries where you find mother and father denies there sons as there is no social communication between any of them.

The social life is weak

All of us know about the society of bees or ants or locusts …..The only creature that lives alone in non-organized societies is the spider. Spider is selfish where ants and bees may defend each other to death.

The marriage is weak

Some species of the spider have very strange life where the wife eats the husband after marriage! So, the husband may run away.

What a miserable marriage. Scientists say that the phenomenon of spider is unique in the life of all living organisms.

Threads are weak

Scientists say that spider’s thread is stronger five times than the steel! Despite that it can easily destroyed, why? Because spider is not able to produce thick threads rather it produces so thin threads as it is ten times thinner than the hair of the head.

Hence, if Allah almighty said “the frailest (weakest) threads”, here a scientific error will be identified but He almighty says:” the frailest (weakest) of houses is the spider's house” and this isthe preciseexpression. Allah says:” And who is truer in statement than Allah?”[ Sûrat An-Nisâ’(The Women)-verse87]

A photo by the microscope for the glands of the spider which produces the silk through special proteins, that silk is in a liquid status and then becomes solid after exposure to air, spider is a magnificent engineer but unfortunately its engineering is so weak

The similarities between the atheist and the spider

• There are 37000 kinds of spiders on earth and scientists are not able to imitate the threads of the spider as that creature has got a magnificent engineering technique in building and designing, exactly the same as atheist who used to do a perfect work in this life but in the hereafter all of his or her works will equal nothingas Allah almighty don’t accept none of those works.Allah says: (And We shall turn to whatever deeds they (disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, etc.) did, and We shall make such deeds as scattered floating particles of dust)[ Sûrat Al-Furqân(The Criterion)verse 23])

•Scientists say that there is a contradiction in the threads of spider as it is very strong but its house is very weak. the same as atheists as you find them are contradicted in their thoughts , when you ask them who created the universe , the answer is no one or the coincidence but if you told them that no one did produce the car , indeed they will consider it as a fun!!!!!!!

•The sight power of spider is limited to only few centimeters, exactly like the atheist who just sees this life as all things and don’t put the hereafter in his calculations.

•Spiders are aggressive and ravenous creatures and may hurt others by its poison…. The same as atheist who used to distribute his or herpoisons (wrong thoughts and disbelieving) between people.

The thickness of the thread is between 0.001- 0.004 millimeter and it is elastic as it may expand to 140% of its length. Scientists say that thicknessof the thread is 30 times less than the thickness of the human hair , if you want to imagine the relation between human hair and spider thread so you can see the difference between the thread and the cable

Spider life and atheist life

My beloved, we will examine some western statistics which produced by the atheists themselves to compare between the weak life of spiders and the weak life of atheists who believe only in this life and who used to consider the Satan and money as the leaders and gods.

The black widow is one of the most dangerous kinds of spiders as it eats her husband after the sexual intercourse …what a miserable creature

Do you know that in America, each year there are 300000 Cases of rape (American ministry of justice)[1] and there is a rape every two minutes [2]!!!!!!!......this society had lost all social relations… exactly as the spider.

Do you know that 17.6% of the American women were exposed to rape minimum one time in life! And 20% of them are children who are less than 12 years old!!!!And quarter of the university students in America exposed to raping during their studying in university (fisher 2000).

And every 15 seconds there is a raped woman in America (sexually or physically)by a friend or a colleague, also 20% of girls are raped in the teenager period[4].also raping children is estimated by thousands of cases in that first world according to recent statistics. !!!


We can summarize the miracle of that holy verse”The likeness of those who take Auliya' (protectors and helpers) other than Allah is as the likeness of a spider, who builds (for itself) a house, but verily, the frailest (weakest) of houses is the spider's house; if they but knew.” as following:

1. The holy verse mentioned that the female spider builds the house not the male as Allah says: “who builds (for itself)” not who builds for himself. This scientific reality wasn’t known 1400 years ago at the time of the descending of the Qur’an.

2. The weakest house in the whole nature is the house of spider and this scientific fact wasn’t known at that time.

3. The holy verse determined in a clear sentence that the weakest is the house not the thread which is considered to be a miracle which testifies that this book was descended from Allah the almighty and it is never a human made.

Thanks Allah for the blessing of Islam

Astrophysics in the Glorious Quran

Doa Qunut Nazilah

Daripada Ustaz Zaharuddin.

Berikut adalah cadangan Qunut Nazilah dengan baris yang telah saya usahakan barisnya dan ertinya, agar boleh dibaca oleh orang ramai. 

اللّهُمَّ إِنّا نَسْتَعِينُكَ وَنُؤمِنُ بِكَ ، وَنَتَوَكَّلُ عَلَيْكَ ونُثْنِيْ عَلَيْكَ الخَيْرَ وَلاَ نَكْفُرُكَ ، اللَّهُمَّ إيَّاكَ نَعْبُد ، وَلَكَ نُصَلِّي وَنَسْجُدُ ، وَإِليكَ نَسْعَى وَنَحْفِد ، نَرْجُو رَحْمَتَكَ وَنَخْشَى عَذَابَك ، إِنَّ عَذَابَكَ الجَدَّ بِالكُفَّار مُلْحِق ، اللهم عَذِّبِ الكَفَرَةَ وَأهْلَ الكِتَابِ الَّذِيْنَ يَصُدُّوْنَ عَنْ سَبِيْلِكَ

Maksudnya : "Ya Allah sesungguhnya kami memohon pertolongan dariMU dan kami beriman denganMu, dan kami bertawakkal kepada Mu, dan kami memuja Mu dengan kebaikan dan kami tidak mengkufuriMU, Ya Allah hanya engkau yang kami sembah dan kepada Mu kami menunaikan solat dan bersujud, kepadaMu kami berusaha, kami mengharapkan rahmatMu dan kami takutkan azabMu, sesungguhnya azabMu yang pedih akan dikenakan kepada orang-orang yang kafir, Ya Allah azablah orang-orag kafir Ahli kitab yang menghalang-halangi dari jalanMU."

اللّهمّ إِنَّا نَجْعَلُكَ فِي نُحُورِ أَعْدَائِنَا ، ونَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شُرُوْرِهِمْ

اللّهمّ مُنْزِلَ الكِتَابِ، وَمُجْرِيَ السَّحَابِ، وَهَازِمَ الأَحْزَابِ، اِهْزِمْ اليَهُودَ الغَاصِبِيْنَ المحُتَلِّيْنَ، وَانْصُرْناَ عَلَيْهِمْ وَزَلْزِلْهُم. اللّهُمّ بَدِّدْ شَمْلَهُم وَفَرِّقْ جَمْعَهُمْ، و شَتِّتْ كَلِمَتَهُم , خَالِفْ بَيْنَ قُلُوبِهِم، ، وَزَلْزِلْ أَقْدَامَهُم , وَسَلِّطْ عَلَيْهِمْ كَلْباً مِنْ كِلاَبِكَ يا قهار , يا جبار و يا مُنْتَقِمَ , اللهم أَنْزِلِ بِهِم بَأْسَكَ الَّذِيْ لايُرَدُّ عَنِ القَوْمِ المُجْرِمِين.

Erti :
Wahai Tuhan kami, sesungguhnya kami menjadikan-Mu sebagai pendinding (kepada musuh2) kami, dan kami berlindung dengan-Mu daripada kejahatan mereka.

Wahai Tuhan kami, wahai Tuhan yang menurunkan al-Kitab (al-Quran), dan wahai yang menjalankan awan, dan wahai yang menghancurkan tentera al-Ahzab, hancurkanlah Yahudi perampas dan penjajah dan bantulah kami ke atas mereka dan goyankanlah mereka.

Wahai Tuhan kami, binasakanlah kesempurnaan mereka, dan pecah-belahkanlah jemaah/kesatuan mereka, dan gagapkanlah perkataan mereka (melalutkan kereka), pecah belahkanlah hati-hati mereka, goyahkanlah pendirian mereka, dan hantarkanlah anjing ke atas mereka dari anjing-anjing suruhanMu, wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Gagah Perkasa, wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Berani, wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Berdendam, wahai Allah tuhan kami, turunkanlah ke atas mereka kemarahan dan kesakitan dariMu yang tidak mampu ditolak oleh kaum yang berdosa.

اللهم اُنْصُرِ المُسْلِمِيْنَ وَالمُجَاهِدِينَ عَلىْ اليَهُود..اللّهم انْصُرْناَ عَلَيْهِم فِي كُلِّ مَكَانٍ..اللّهمّ أَرِناَ فِيْهِمْ عَجَائِبَ قُدْرَتِكَ .. اللّهمّ أًحْصِهِمْ عَدَداً وَاقْتُلْهُمْ بَدَداً وَلاَ تُغَادِرْ مِنْهُمْ أَحَداً..اللّهمّ اجْعَلْهُمْ غَنِيْمَةً لِلْمُسْلِمِيْن..اللّهمّ اجْعَلْ سِلاَحَهُمْ فِي صُدُوْرِهِمْ وَكَيْدَهِمْ فِي نُحُورِهِمْ وَتَدْبِيْرِهِمْ تَدْمِيْراً لهَمُ , اللّهمّ اْجْعَلْ الملائكةَ تُعِيْنُ المسلمين ..اللّهمّ سَدِّدْ رَمْيَهُمْ .. اللّهمّ سَدِّدْ رَصَاصَهُمْ

Erti : Ya Allah, bantulah muslimin dan pejuang Islam dalam petempurannya dengan Yahudi, Ya Allah bantulah kami untuk mengalahkan mereka di mana-mana sahaja, Ya Allah tunjukkanlah kepada mereka keajaiban kuasaMu, Ya Allah jadikanlah mereka boleh dibilang, dan bunuhlah mereka sebinasanya, dan janganlah engkau lepaskan mereka walau seorang. Ya Allah jadikanlah senjata dan harta mereka sebagai harta rampasan di tangan kaum Muslim, Ya Allah jadikanlah senjata mereka mengenai dada mereka sendiri, dan helah mereka mengenai tengkuk mereka, dan perancangan mereka penghancur mereka sendiri, Ya Allah jadikanlah para Malaikat membantu kaum Muslimin, Ya Allah tepatkanlah tembakan dan lontaran mereka

اللّهمّ أَهْلِكْهُمْ كَمَا أَهْلَكْتَ إِرَمَ وَعَاد ... اللّهمّ صُبَّ عَلَيْهِمْ سَوْطَ عَذَابِ فَإِنَّهُمْ أَفْسَدُوْا فِي البِلاَدِ وَقَتَلُوْا العِبَادَ , اللهم انصُرْ إِخْوَانَناَ فِي لُبْناَن وَفِلَسْطِين وَافغانستان والعراق وَجَمِيْعِ بِلاَدِ المسلمين

Erti : Ya Allah hancurkanlah mereka sebagaimana engkau mengahncur kaum Iram dan ‘Ad , Ya Allah palulah mereka dengan paluan azaz kerana mereka telah melakukan kerosakan dalam negara dan membunuh para hambaMu. Ya Allah bantulah saudara kami di LUbnan, Palestin, Afghanistan, Iraq dan seluruh negara umat Islam.

yasmin mogahed: a heart's journey to God

we as a human being tend to appreciate art, but not the artist. we lost in the beauty of the art. but not knowing the messages behind. its an analogy. for example, we found a bottle with a message inside. but we are amazed by the beauty of the bottle until we forget to read the message that we get.

everything that we see is only a reflection. a reflection of God. everything. the stars, the moon, the sun, animals, plants, cats. :D and even human ourselves.
all these things are the signs, pointers to Him, His might, His power.
yess. we can devour the beauty of all those things. but dont get lost in it.
no pain, no happiness, no pleasure that is created without a purpose. so find the message in the bottle. one of our goal is to resist the irresistible. yess. it is hard indeed.
whether it is good or bad, things that happened in our lives, is meant to bring us closer to Him.
inna maal usri yusra (insyirah 6)
with hardship comes ease. it is not after hardship comes ease.
which somehow shows that this world is not perfect
the world. it is not perfectly good. but it is not perfectly bad either.
when one thing goes wrong, a lot other are perfectly fine. so dont only look at the wrong part of life.
this is the best part of the talk. this life is a sample. sometimes we wonder. if the world is the reflection of God, why does it has all the nasty things that happen? and in recent cases, Gaza and Syria.
well. as i said earlier, the world is just a sample. it has samples from the hereafter. both jannah and hellfire. mcm sample yg kita dapat kat supermarket, we get only a small amount of the thing. not the whole bottle. thats is why it is called sample. just imagine. cats. since we like em. rasa mcm nak cubit2 je. we cant really resist them, can we?? so, cuba bayangkan yg kucing yg kita tgk sekarang ni is just a sample of kucing yg akan ada kat jannah nnt. betapa indahnya kucing kat sana nanti. same goes to food. contoh apple. mungkin kat sini kita rasa apple sgt sedap. but wait !! it is just a sample of jannah. so just imagine how the whole bottle of jannah would look like if all the good things here are only the sample. same goes to love. the love from human being that we taste, they are all just samples. yet, we are too absorb in them.
now. thats the good part. again. this world is a sample. in case of fire. api yg sedikit pun kita xmampu nak tahan. tapi itu baru sample. just imagine how th ewhole bottle of hellfire would look like. it is beyond imagination. :/ so, kenapa Allah nak tunjuk kita all these samples? He really wants us to know how the afterlife looks like. we need to think. we need to wake up. all these samples that He shows us has a meaning behind it. dont ever get lost in the samples that He has given us.
put the creations in hand and the creator, God in the heart. when we put God in hand while creations at heart, for example the love towards human being is greater than towards God, we are going to suffer. :O
however, how are we going to define 'detachment'? detachment from all the creations that Allah has given us??
bukanlah kita kena panjat gunung and asingkan diri kita daripada masyarakat mcm monks, only pray all the time, not getting married, not feeling all teh pleasures. bukan begitu caranya. take our prophet Muhammad as an example. dia kekasih Allah. yet he got married, have kids, jadi businessman, g perang, and all that. it is based on what is in our heart. which things that we are attached the most in this life. money?? human beings?? pleasures??
mcm ada satu kisah. abu hanifah ehh?? aaaaaaa. xigt. :/but the story goes like this. he has a lot of ships. and at that time, he was teaching. then came one person saying to him that all his ships had sunk. then dia paused, he said, alhamdulillah and sambung mengajar. after few moments, that person came again and said that it was a mistake. kapal yg karam tu bukan kapal dia. but someone else's. then he paused, and said, alhamdulillah. then sambung mengajar. then the messenger tny laa kenapa dia ckp alhamdulillah in both situations. he said that bila dia dgr teh news, dia paused and tgk his heart is still at its place thus dia bersyukur. then we the news is proven to be false, dia tgk hati dia masih xberalih. thus he besyukur lg. so, basically that is one of the example yg menunjukkan apa yg ada dlm hati kita, our attachment tu laa yg menentukan everything.
people always said that "we see with our eyes and we think we our mind" but it is not true. it is supposed to be "we see with our heart and we think with our heart"
our heart is basically our lens in this life. however, it depends on the clarity of the lens. even in real life, if u wear lens in order to see better, but the lens is dirty, it is no use coz u cant see clearly. same goes to the heart.
a heart's journey to God eyt?? how?? hmmm
actually, God has given us the guidelines in doing so. simple. the 5 pillars in Islam. seem simple?? wait !!
1. mengucap dua kalimah syahadah
easy peasy?? nayy. i remembered a tazkirah back then. cuba tgk balik semua rukun islam. mengucap dua kalimah syahadah, solat 5 waktu, puasa in ramadan, zakat and hajj. yg lain semua perbuatan. tp kenapa yg syahadah tu lisan. hanya ucapan tanpa perbuatan?? kat sini act kita kena tgk balik. mengucap dua kalimah syahadah is not as easy. ia adalah yg paling berat antara 5 tu. why?? it goes back to ciri2 untuk jadi saksi dlm islam. berat kan nak jadi saksi dlm islam?? so, mengucap syahdah tu bukan ucapan sahaja tp termasuklah semua maksud yg tersirat in order to fit us as a witness.
and kita naik saksi bahawa tiada tuhan selain Allah and nabi Muhammad pesuruh Allah. maksudnya kita letak dia sebagai yg satu. tp dlm hati kita ada apa?? dunia... duit... kesenangan... cinta manusia... harta... so adakah semua tu membuktikan syahadah cinta kita bahawa hanya Dia yg satu??
2. solat 5 waktu.
in this case, Allah is the doctor. solat itu ubat. and 5 kali sehari with specific time is the prescription.
Allah dah bg ubat siap prescrition lagi. in real life, kalau kita xikut prescription yg doktor bg, apa jd?? ubat xberkesan, sakit xhilang, and kita mungkin overdose. so, kalau kita xikut prescription, xsolat ikut waktu, mcm mana solat tu mampu prevent us from doing anything bad?? and kalau kita xmakan ubat ikut waktu, next time makan ubat, kita akan makan dua kann?? same goes to solat. till up in one point, ubat tu kita amek sekaligus. 5kali terus dlm satu waktu. thus kita overdose. what will happen to us?? worst come to worst, kita akan mati sbb overdose tu. thus, the love towards the God will wither out of overdose.
solat tu jugak mcm udara. adakah kita mampu ckp, "xp laa. aku busy. so aku xboleh amek udara (solat) for a while sebab nak siapkan kerja"?
besides, solat ni juga mampu untuk kawal attachment yg kita ada pada duniawi. contoh, in teh middle of the hectic of studying, kita g solat and tinggalkan everything for hereafter. that shows yg study tu bukan suatu yg kekal. thus hati kita xkan terlalu attach to it. again, tgh main game or tgk muvi or buat kerja, if we go solat, it somehow helps our heart to not get attached to those worldly things. so, cmtu laa cara solat kawal our attachment to the world.
3. puasa bulan ramdan.
xyah tggu bulan ramadan. even kalau puasa sunat pun. in the fasting itself, basically kita akan tahan makan and minum and sexual pleasures. well. nampak mcm simple. food is something yg kita mmg akan get attach since we need to eat everyday kann. tp nmpk tak mcm mana puasa tu act tunjuk yg these things are worldly? puasa sebenarnya mengajar hati untuk tak get attached to those things laa.
4. zakat
zakat pulak ajar kita untuk tak get attached to harta benda dunia. sbb kita kena lepaskan some of it every year.
5. hajj
performing hajj akan buat kita x get attached to dunia jugak. even ihram pun xboleh ada seurat benang as in jahitan, making all people from different statuses teh same. ni kira physical detachment yg nyata laa.
so in short, kalau kita betul2 ikut 5 rukun islam ni, insyaAllah kita xkan ada attachment kat worldly things. thus putting only Him in our heart.
faraid. we also tend to do the extras rather than buat yg wajib.
"the best among you is the best to your families"
its like, you have money, but you keep donating to random ppl instead of bangunkan dulu people around u. contoh lain, you keep helping a lot of orphans here and there, tapi anak sendiri terkontang kanting.
so first - solid obligatory, second extras, third do em till Allah loves that servant.
"even when He takes away, He is giving."
the end. :D

Die Freuden des Paradiese

Die Realität des Paradieses ist etwas, das die Menschen nicht eher verstehen können, bevor sie es tatsächlich betreten, aber Gott hat uns im Quran flüchtige Ausblicke darauf verschafft. Er beschreibt es als einen Ort, der sich von dem Leben in dieser Welt grundsätzlich unterscheidet, sowohl in der Art und de
m Sinn des Lebens, als auch in den Freuden, welche die Menschen dort erwarten. Der Quran erzählt den Menschen vom Paradies, das Gott ihnen bietet, er beschreibt seinen großen Segen und verkündet jedermann seine Schönheiten. Er informiert die Menschen darüber, daß das Paradies eine der beiden Lebensformen ist, die für sie im Jenseits vorbereitet sind und daß sämtliche guten Dinge im Paradies für sie sind, in einem Ausmaß, das unsere diesseitige Vorstellungskraft überschreitet. Er zeigt uns das Paradies als einen Ort, an dem aller Segen vollkommen geschaffen ist und an dem den Menschen alles geboten wird, das ihre Seelen und Herzen begehren und daß die Menschen weit von Mangel und Bedürfnissen, Angst oder Traurigkeit, Kummer und Reue entfernt sein werden. Schönheit und Segen jeglicher Art existieren im Paradies, und sie werden mit einer nie gesehenen oder gekannten Vollkommenheit ausgestattet sein. Gott hat den Segen dort als ein Geschenk geschaffen und dies wird Er nur denjenigen Menschen anbieten, die Ihm gefallen.

Aber welcher Art sind diese Freuden im Paradies und worin unterscheiden sie sich von den Freuden dieser Welt? Wir werden versuchen, einige dieser Unterschiede zu beleuchten. 

Reine Freude ohne Schmerzen und Leiden 

Wenn die Menschen in dieser Welt auch etwas Freude erfahren, so müssen sie sich doch abmühen und leiden unter Kummer und Sorgen. Wenn jemand genau das Leben, das wir hier leben, genauer untersuchen würde, würde er herausfinden, daß die Summe der Härten die wir im Leben erfahren, weit größer ist, als die Summe der Behaglichkeit und Bequemlichkeit. Was das Leben im Jenseits angeht, so wird es weder Härte noch Leiden darin geben, und die Menschen werden dann nur noch reine Freude und Genuß erleben. All die Ursachen für Kummer, Schmerzen und Leid , welche die Menschen im Diesseits erfahren, gibt es im Jenseits nicht mehr. Laßt uns ein paar Gründe hierfür in Augenschein nehmen. 


Wenn man an den Erfolg in diesem Leben denkt, beschwört man das Bild von großen Häusern, feinen Juwelen und Kleidern, sowie teuren Autos; finanzielle Sicherheit wird als der Schlüssel zu einem glücklichen Leben angesehen. Für die meisten Menschen ist Erfolg untrennbar mit Reichtum verbunden, obwohl dies von der Wahrheit am weitesten entfernt ist. Wie oft sieht man die reichsten Menschen so miserable Leben führen, daß es sie manchmal sogar dazu verleitet, Selbstmord zu begehen! Reichtum ist etwas, das die Menschen in ihrer eigenen Art um jeden Preis begehren, und dieses Begehren ist für einen großen und weisen Sinn geschaffen worden. Wenn dieses Begehren nicht gesättigt wird, verursacht das in einem gewissen Ausmaß Kummer in einer Person. Aus diesem Grund hat Gott den Bewohnern des Paradieses versprochen, daß sie alles haben werden, was sie sich vorstellen können, was Vermögen und Habseligkeiten anbelangt, sowohl den extrem Armen, die Hunger und Durst erleiden mußten, als auch den Wohlhabenen, die mehr begehrten. Gott verschafft uns einen Einblick, wenn Er sagt: 

“... darin gibt es, was die Seelen begehren und köstlich für die Augen ist …” (Quran 43:71)

“Eßt und trinkt wohlbekömmlich für das, was ihr früher in den vergangenen Tagen (an guten Taten) getan habt.” (Quran 69:24)

“…Geschmückt sind sie darin mit Armreifen aus Gold, und sie tragen grüne Gewänder aus Seidenbrokat und schwerem Brokat, indem sie sich darin auf überdachten Liegen lehnen. Wie trefflich ist die Belohnung und wie schön ist der Rastplatz!” (Quran 18:31)

Krankheit und Tod

Ein anderer Grund für Schmerz und Leid in diesem Leben ist der Tod eines geliebten Menschen oder Krankheit, beides existiert nicht im Paradies. Niemand wird im Paradies irgendeine Übelkeit oder Schmerzen spüren. Der Prophet Muhammad, möge Gott ihn preisen, sagte über die Bewohner des Paradieses: 

“Sie werden nie krank werden, ihre Nasen schnauben oder spucken.” (Sahieh Al-Bukhari)

Im Paradies wird niemand sterben. Alle sollen ewig leben und die Vergnügungen darin genießen. Der Prophet Muhammad sagte, daß wenn die Menschen das Paradies betreten, ein Rufer ankündigen wird: 

“Wahrlich, ihr mögt gesund sein und nie wieder krank werden; ihr mögt leben und nie wieder sterben; ihr mögt jung sein und werdet nie alt werden; ihr mögt genießen und nie wieder Kummer und Reue spüren.” (Sahieh Muslim)

Gesellschaftliche Verbindungen

Was Gewissensbisse aufgrund einer Spaltung in persönlichen Beziehungen anbelangt, werden die Menschen nie etwas Schlechtes oder verletzende Kommentare oder Gerede im Paradies hören. Sie werden nur gute Worte und Worte des Friedens hören. Gott sagt im Quran:

“Sie werden dort weder leeres Gerede noch Anschuldigungen der Sünde hören, nur das Wort: ‘Frieden! Frieden!’” (Quran 56:25-26)

Es wird unter den Menschen keine Feindschaft oder schlechte Gefühle geben: 

“Und Wir wollen alles hinwegräumen, was an Groll in ihren Herzen (aus ihrem Leben in dieser Welt) sein mag. …” (Quran 7:43)

Der Prophet sagte:

“Es wird dort keinen Haß oder Verstimmung unter ihnen geben, ihre Herzen werden wie eines sein, und sie werden Gott morgens und abends loben.” (Sahieh Al-Bukhari)

Die Leute werden im Jenseits die besten Gefährten haben, die auch in dieser Welt die besten Gefährten waren: 

“Und wer Gott und dem Gesandten gehorcht, soll unter denen sein, denen Gott Seine Huld gewährt, unter den Propheten, den Wahrhaftigen, den Zeugen und den Rechtschaffenen – Welch gute Gefährten!” (Quran 4:69)

Die Herzen der Bewohner des Paradieses werden rein sein, ihre Sprache wird gut sein, ihre Taten rechtschaffen. Es wird dort kein verletzendes, aufbringendes, angreifendes oder provokatives Gerede geben, denn das Paradies ist frei von allem sinnlosen Gerede und sinnlosen Taten. Wenn wir alle Gründe für Ärger in diesem Leben besprechen würden, werden wir sicherlich deren Abwesenheit oder das Gegenteil im Jenseits vorfinden. 

Die Ewigkeit des Jenseits

Die Freuden dieser Welt sind vergänglich, während die Freuden des Jenseits beständig und ewig sind. Wenn jemand in dieser Welt etwas genießt, dauert es nur eine kurze Weile, bis er davon gelangweilt wird und sich nach etwas anderem umschaut, das ihm besser gefällt oder er denkt einfach, er braucht es nicht mehr. Was die Freuden des Paradieses angeht, wird einem niemals von etwas langweilig, mehr noch, er wird an der Sache immer mehr Gefallen finden, je häufiger er ihr nachgeht. 

Das Leben in dieser Welt ist auch sehr kurz. Die Menschen leben auf dieser Erde nur eine kurze Zeit, und nur wenige von ihnen erreichen das Alter von Siebzig.

“…Sprich: ‘Die Nutznießung dieser Welt ist gering, und das Jenseits wird für die Gottesfürchtigen besser sein....’” (Quran 4:77)

Im Paradies dagegen werden die Menschen ewig leben. Gott sagt:

“...seine Früchte und sein Schatten sind immerwährend…” (Quran 13:35)

“Was bei euch ist, vergeht, und was bei Allah ist, bleibt…” (Quran 16:96)

“Wahrlich, dies ist Unsere Versorgung, nie wird sie sich erschöpfen.” (Quran 38:54)

Unvorstellbare Freuden

Die Freuden der Leute des Paradieses, wie ihre Kleidung, ihr Essen, ihre Getränke, ihr Schmuck und ihre Paläste, werden ihren Gegenstücken im Diesseits weit überlegen sein. Tatsächlich kann man diese Dinge gar nicht vergleichen, denn bereits das kleinste Plätzchen im Paradies ist weit besser als diese Welt und alles in ihr. Der Prophet Muhammad -möge Gott ihn loben- sagte:

“Der Platz des Bogens eines jeden von euch im Paradies ist besser als alles, über dem die Sonne aufgeht.” (Mischkaat al-Masaabieh 3/85, Nr. 5615)

Frei von jeglicher Unreinheit

Das Paradies ist frei von all den Unreinheiten dieser Welt. Wenn wir in diesem Leben essen und trinken, hat das die Notwendigkeit der Exkretion und die damit verbundenen unangenehmen Gerüche zur Folge. Wenn jemand in dieser Welt Wein trinkt, verliert er das Bewußtsein. In dieser Welt menstruieren Frauen und gebären Kinder, das alles sind Quellen des Schmerzes und Leidens. Das Paradies ist frei von diesen Unannehmlichkeiten: seine Bewohner werden nicht urinieren, Stuhlgang haben, spucken oder sich erkälten. Der Wein des Paradieses wird von seinem Schöpfer folgendermaßen beschrieben: 

“(Er ist) weiß und wohlschmeckend für die Trinkenden. Er wird keinen Rausch erzeugen, noch werden sie davon müde werden.” (Quran 37:46-47)

Das Wasser des Paradieses wird nicht schlecht, und seine Milch ändert ihren Geschmack nie. 

“...Darin sind Bäche von Wasser, das nicht faulig wird, und Bäche von Milch, deren Geschmack sich nicht ändert...” (Quran 47:15)

Die Frauen des Paradieses sind rein und frei von Menstruation, Blutungen nach einer Geburt und allen anderen Unreinheiten, unter denen die Frauen in dieser Welt leiden, und alle sind frei von Urin und Stuhlgang. Gott sagt:

“...und ihnen gehören darin Gattinnen vollkommener Reinheit…” (Quran 2:25)

Auf die Frage, wie die Leute des Paradieses sich Erleichterung verschaffen, antwortete der Prophet:

“Sie verschaffen sich Erleichterung, indem sie durch ihre Haut ausdünsten, und ihr Duft wird der des Misk sein, und alle Mägen werden sich beugen.” (Ibn Hibbaan)

Was wir erwähnt haben, ist bloß ein Vergleich, um eine Vorstellung von der Einzigartigkeit des Paradieses zu erhalten, aber wie Gott sagt, liegen seine wahren Freuden im Verborgenen.

“Doch niemand weiß, welche Augenweide für sie als Lohn für ihre Taten verborgen ist.” (Quran 32:17)

Paradies: Es gibt nichts Ähnliches

Die Freuden des Paradieses übersteigen die Vorstellungskraft und trotzen jeder Beschreibung. Sie entsprechen nichts von dem, das die Menschen aus dieser Welt kennen; egal wie fortschrittlich wir auch noch werden; was wir erreichen, ist nichts, verglichen mit den Freuden des Jenseits. Wie in verschiedenen Überlieferungen berichtet wird, gibt es nichts wie das Paradies:

“Es ist funkelndes Licht, seine aromatischen Pflanzen, ein hochragender Palast, ein fließender Bach, reife Früchte, eine wunderschöne Frau und überreichlich Kleidung, in dem ewigen Aufenthaltsort strahlender Freude, in wunderschönen fehlerfrei gebauten hohen Häusern.” (Ibn Maajah, Ibn Hibbaan)

Die Sahabah (Gefährten des Propheten) fragten den Propheten über die Gebäude des Paradieses und er antwortete mit einer wundervollen Beschreibung:

“Ziegel aus Gold und Silber, und Mörtel aus wohlriechen-dem Misk, Steine von Perlen und Saphiren, und Erde von Safran. Wer eintritt, wird von Freude erfüllt und sich nie wieder schlecht fühlen; er wird dort für immer leben und nie sterben; ihre Kleidung wird nie abgetragen und ihre Jugend wird nie vergehen.” (Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi, ad-Daarimie)

Gott sagt:

“Und wohin du dort (im Paradies) auch schauen magst, so wirst du ein (unvorstellbares) Wohlleben und ein großes Reich erblicken. ” (Quran 76:20)

Was Gott vor uns von den Freuden des Paradieses verborgen gehalten hat, liegt überhalb unserer Vorstellungskraft. Der Prophet sagte, dass Gott sagte:

“Ich habe für Meine Diener vorbereitet, was kein Auge je gesehen hat, kein Ohr je gehört hat und kein menschliches Herz sich vorstellen kann.” Rezitiere, wenn du willst:

“Doch niemand weiß, welche Augenweide für sie als Lohn für ihre Taten verborgen ist. ” (Quran 32:17)

In einer anderen Überlieferung:

“Macht euch nichts daraus, was Gott euch gesagt hat; worüber Er euch nicht aufgeklärt hat, ist noch großartiger.” (Saheeh Muslim)


Petikan khutbah Jumaat Presiden Kesatuan Ulamak Islam Sedunia, Syeikh Yusuf Qardhawi pada 12 Oktober 2012 dari Doha, Qatar:

"Saudaraku sekalian, Moscow pada waktu ini merupakan musuh bagi Islam dan umat Islam. Dia menjadi musuh yang pertama bagi umat Islam kerana pendiriannya menentang rakyat Syria. Rakyat Syria yang telah dibunuh lebih 30,0
00 nyawa. Dengan senjata dari mana mereka dibunuh? Dengan senjata dari Russia.

Rejim Russia telah membekalkan senjata kepada askar Syria, bahkan memberikan segala apa yang diperlukan oleh Syria. Dalam tempoh berlaku peperangan, bekalan senjata tiba kepada Syria dari pelbagai arah. Askar Syria mengebom rakyat dengan kapal terbang. Aku tidak tahu, kenapa tidak dihalang serangan kapal terbang ini. Kenapa Majlis Keselamatan (PBB) tidak menghalang serangan udara ini seperti yang dilakukan kepada rejim Libya? Siapa yang mahu menghalang serangan udara yang dilakukan oleh rejim?..Ia bukan pesawat biasa tetapi ia adalah pesawat atau kapal terbang untuk perang! Itulah pesawat milik Russia.

Menjadi kewajipan bagi negara Arab dan Islam bersatu menentang Russia. Wajib bagi kita memboikot Russia. Wajib bagi kita menjadikan Russia sebagai musuh yang utama. Russia yang berada dalam Majlis Keselamatan (kuasa veto) hingga rakyat Syria tidak lagi dibunuh. Mereka (yang berkuasa di PBB) ialah Russia dan China."

Syeikh Qardhawi turut menyelar sokongan yang diberikan negara Iran yang dikenali dunia sebagai "Republik Islam" itu. Berikut petikan Syeikh Qardhawi mengutuk tindakan tidak berperikemanusiaan Iran:

"Iran membunuh rakyat Syria dengan askar-askar mereka. Mereka membunuh dengan senjata dan kewangan yang dimiliki. Di saat Syria memerlukan kepada jutaan dan jutaan wang untuk kewangan negara mereka, maka Iran telah menghulurkan bantuan kewangan kepada rejim Syria. Iran juga adalah musuh kita! Musuh kepada Arab! Yang membunuh rakyat Syria! 30,000 nyawa yang terbunuh di Syria adalah dibunuh oleh rakyat Iran dan China.

Iran cuba berkonfrantasi dengan negara Arab bertujuan membina Empayar Parsi. Tidak! Ia bukan seperti yang diseru oleh Khomeini. Ia juga bukan tujuan mereka bangkit menentang raja Iran yang zalim. Jika tidak, mereka menjadi lebih zalim daripada raja Iran yang digulingkan. Raja (Shah Iran) tidak membunuh rakyat sepertimana (pemerintah) Iran membunuh rakyat Syria hari ini, melalui askar mereka, melalui tentera Hizbullah yang mengutuskan askar mereka ke Syria. Ini semua adalah hakikat!

Iran dan Russia membunuh kita wahai Arab! Membunuh saudara kita di Syria, menyembelih mereka. Jangan kalian sangka hanya askar Syria keseorangan akan tetapi mereka melakukannya (pembunuhan ke atas rakyat) dengan senjata Russia yang disahkan oleh Iran.

Jadi, musuh kita adalah Russia dan Iran. Rakyat Iran, mereka yang telah mengkhianati risalah mereka (agama Islam), yang membunuh saudara seagama mereka hanya kerana umat Islam Syria bukan dari kalangan mazhab mereka (Syiah). Maka tidak mengapa, dibunuh ribuan malah puluhan ribu mereka itu (rakyat Syria) semata-mata mereka bukan dari mazhab yang sama."

Rakyat Malaysia Bersama Revolusi Syria

Boikot itu BIDAAH ?

Boikot tidak sunnah? Nabi SAW tidak pernah memboikot musuh-musuhnya? Jadi boikot ini bid'ah le kalau gitu.

Kalau begitu saranan ulama seperti gesaan Syeikh Dr Yusuf Qardhawi tidak menepati sunnah? Beliau dengan tegas mengatakan 'setiap rial dan dirham yang dibelanjakan untuk membeli barangan yang menyokong zionis Israel akan digunakan untuk membeli peluru yang akan membunuh saudara-saudaramu di Palestin!"

Sebelum kita menilai suatu itu sunnah atau sebaliknya, lihat dulu apa kewajipan kita sebagai muslim. Nabi SAW menegaskan 'umat Islam itu ibara satu tubuh, jika sebahagian tubuh merasda sakit maka seluruh tubuh akan merasa sakit dan tidak bolih tidur malam"

Tidak kah kita merasa apa-apa terhadap penderitaan yang ditanggung oleh saudara kita di Palestin. Mereka bukan sahaja diperangi, bahkan dikepung dan dikenakan pelbagai sekatan. Mari kita sama-sama hayati perintah Allah SWt ini:

Mengapa kamu tidak mahu berperang di jalan Allah dan (membela) orang-orang yang lemah baik laki-laki, wanita-wanita mahupun anak-anak yang semuanya berdoa : "Ya Tuhan kami, keluarkanlah kami dari negeri ini (Mekah) yang zalim penduduknya dan berilah kami pelindung dari sisi Engkau, dan berilah kami penolong dari sisi Engkau !".(QS 4:75).

Kewajipan kita yang asasi ialah berperang untuk mengeluarkan saudara-saudara kita dari penderitaan yang ditanggung akibat perbuatan musuh-musuh mereka, musuh kita dan lebih tepat MUSUH ALLAH. Kata kuncinya ialah MEMBELA saudara-saudara kita. Kalau kita tidak mampu menghunus senjata dan terjun ke medan tempur untuk MEMBELA mereka, apakah kita hanya menyaksikan sahaja mereka dan anak-anak mereka dibunuh didepan mata kita? Tidak! Sesekali tidak! Kita akan lakukan apa sahaja untuk membuatkan musuh menghentikan kezaliman dan penganiayaan tersebut. Kita akan berusaha untuk menghilangkan kesakitan tersebut dari batang tubuh mereka sebagaimana kita akan berusaha untuk menghilangkan kesakitan itu dari batang tubuh kita sendiri sekiranya kita yang berada ditempat mereka.

Mereka DIBOIKOT dalam makna perkataan BOIKOT YANG SEMPURNA! Mereka DIPERANGI dalam makna perkataan DIPERANGI SECARA SEMPURNA. Israel menggunakan pelbagai kaedah samada sah atau tidak sah dari sudut undang-undang untuk memerangi rakyat Palestin. Israel menggunakan pelbagai senjata samada yang dibenarkan atau diharamkan untuk membunuh rakyat Palestin.

Tiba-tiba kita YANG TIDAK BERMAYA untuk angkat senjata dan menghadapi musuh secara berhadap-hadapan, memutuskan satu kaedah yang amat ringan yang diserukan oleh para ulama sebagai tanda kita tidak rela kesakitan itu terus dideritai oleh mereka sebagai 'TIDAK SUNNAH'? Apakah kita sudah 'HILANG AKAL'. 

Apakah Boikot itu menyakitkan musuh-musuh kita? Berbanding kepungan dan serangan bertalu-talu yang ditimpakan ke atas saudara kita? Apakah boikot kita ke atas syarikat-syarikat yang menyokong Israel akan menyebabkan musuh-mush kita kebuluran dan diancam kematian? Tidak! Mereka tidak akan mati kesan dari boikot yang sama-sama didokong oleh orang yang beriman. Mereka hanya akan mengalami sedikit kerugian dunia, dan oleh kerana dunia ini matlamat mereka, maka boikot ini akan menyebabkan mereka menggelupur seperti cacing kepanasan. Kerana kita kenal musuh kita sebagai mana yang Allah SWT telah dedahkan kepada kita.

Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Wahai orang-orang yang berugama Yahudi, kalau kamu anggap bahawa kamulah sahaja orang-orang yang dikasihi Allah tidak termasuk umat-umat manusia yang lain, maka bercita-citalah hendakkan mati (dengan meminta kepada Allah supaya kamu dimatikan sekarang juga), jika betul kamu orang-orang yang benar!"
Dan (sudah tentu) mereka tidak akan bercita-cita hendakkan mati itu selama-lamanya, dengan sebab dosa-dosa yang mereka telah lakukan; dan Allah sentiasa mengetahui akan orang-orang yang zalim itu.

Akhir kalam, bagi sesiapa yang menganggap boikot tidak ada dalam Islam, dan enggan menahan diri dari berbelanja dari Syarikat-syarikat yang menyokong Israel (atas alasan ianya bukan sunnah), maka pastikan anda penuhi apa yang anda anggap sunnah dalam menunaikan kewajipan bagi menamatkan penderitaan saudara-saudara kita di sana? iaitu berjihadf dengan harta dan jiwa (yang akan menyelamatkan kita dari azab yang pedih.. surah as-Saff).

Bagaimana anda hendak memenuhi tuntutan ayat ini menurut sunnahnya, terpulang kepada anda. Tetapi FORMULA umumnya ialah - 'Berbelanjalah untuk mereka supaya perbelanjaan itu akan mengeluarkan mereka dari penderitaan yang mereka tanggung dari musuh mereka dan musuh kita, jangan sekali kita berbelanja sehingga memberi ruang yang lebih luas kepada musuh untuk memperdalam penyeksaan dan kezaliman yang ditimpakan ke atas mereka'. Atau pastikan anda 'menggunakan tulang empat kerat anda dan kekuatan fizikal anda untuk mengeluarkan mereka dari penderitaan itu'. Jangan pula kita tetap berbelanja di syarikat-syarikat yang menyokong musuh (atas alasan ianya tidak sunnah atau apa sahaja alasan yang kita ada) dan kemudian kita tidak berbuat apa-apa. Ketika orang lain berbuat sesuatu untuk menyelamatkan rakyat Palestin (sebenarnya menyelamatkan diri dari azab yang pedih) kita hanya menyanggah 'Jangan boikot kerana ia bukan sunnah...'

Hafidzi Mohd Noor

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