yasmin mogahed: a heart's journey to God

we as a human being tend to appreciate art, but not the artist. we lost in the beauty of the art. but not knowing the messages behind. its an analogy. for example, we found a bottle with a message inside. but we are amazed by the beauty of the bottle until we forget to read the message that we get.

everything that we see is only a reflection. a reflection of God. everything. the stars, the moon, the sun, animals, plants, cats. :D and even human ourselves.
all these things are the signs, pointers to Him, His might, His power.
yess. we can devour the beauty of all those things. but dont get lost in it.
no pain, no happiness, no pleasure that is created without a purpose. so find the message in the bottle. one of our goal is to resist the irresistible. yess. it is hard indeed.
whether it is good or bad, things that happened in our lives, is meant to bring us closer to Him.
inna maal usri yusra (insyirah 6)
with hardship comes ease. it is not after hardship comes ease.
which somehow shows that this world is not perfect
the world. it is not perfectly good. but it is not perfectly bad either.
when one thing goes wrong, a lot other are perfectly fine. so dont only look at the wrong part of life.
this is the best part of the talk. this life is a sample. sometimes we wonder. if the world is the reflection of God, why does it has all the nasty things that happen? and in recent cases, Gaza and Syria.
well. as i said earlier, the world is just a sample. it has samples from the hereafter. both jannah and hellfire. mcm sample yg kita dapat kat supermarket, we get only a small amount of the thing. not the whole bottle. thats is why it is called sample. just imagine. cats. since we like em. rasa mcm nak cubit2 je. we cant really resist them, can we?? so, cuba bayangkan yg kucing yg kita tgk sekarang ni is just a sample of kucing yg akan ada kat jannah nnt. betapa indahnya kucing kat sana nanti. same goes to food. contoh apple. mungkin kat sini kita rasa apple sgt sedap. but wait !! it is just a sample of jannah. so just imagine how the whole bottle of jannah would look like if all the good things here are only the sample. same goes to love. the love from human being that we taste, they are all just samples. yet, we are too absorb in them.
now. thats the good part. again. this world is a sample. in case of fire. api yg sedikit pun kita xmampu nak tahan. tapi itu baru sample. just imagine how th ewhole bottle of hellfire would look like. it is beyond imagination. :/ so, kenapa Allah nak tunjuk kita all these samples? He really wants us to know how the afterlife looks like. we need to think. we need to wake up. all these samples that He shows us has a meaning behind it. dont ever get lost in the samples that He has given us.
put the creations in hand and the creator, God in the heart. when we put God in hand while creations at heart, for example the love towards human being is greater than towards God, we are going to suffer. :O
however, how are we going to define 'detachment'? detachment from all the creations that Allah has given us??
bukanlah kita kena panjat gunung and asingkan diri kita daripada masyarakat mcm monks, only pray all the time, not getting married, not feeling all teh pleasures. bukan begitu caranya. take our prophet Muhammad as an example. dia kekasih Allah. yet he got married, have kids, jadi businessman, g perang, and all that. it is based on what is in our heart. which things that we are attached the most in this life. money?? human beings?? pleasures??
mcm ada satu kisah. abu hanifah ehh?? aaaaaaa. xigt. :/but the story goes like this. he has a lot of ships. and at that time, he was teaching. then came one person saying to him that all his ships had sunk. then dia paused, he said, alhamdulillah and sambung mengajar. after few moments, that person came again and said that it was a mistake. kapal yg karam tu bukan kapal dia. but someone else's. then he paused, and said, alhamdulillah. then sambung mengajar. then the messenger tny laa kenapa dia ckp alhamdulillah in both situations. he said that bila dia dgr teh news, dia paused and tgk his heart is still at its place thus dia bersyukur. then we the news is proven to be false, dia tgk hati dia masih xberalih. thus he besyukur lg. so, basically that is one of the example yg menunjukkan apa yg ada dlm hati kita, our attachment tu laa yg menentukan everything.
people always said that "we see with our eyes and we think we our mind" but it is not true. it is supposed to be "we see with our heart and we think with our heart"
our heart is basically our lens in this life. however, it depends on the clarity of the lens. even in real life, if u wear lens in order to see better, but the lens is dirty, it is no use coz u cant see clearly. same goes to the heart.
a heart's journey to God eyt?? how?? hmmm
actually, God has given us the guidelines in doing so. simple. the 5 pillars in Islam. seem simple?? wait !!
1. mengucap dua kalimah syahadah
easy peasy?? nayy. i remembered a tazkirah back then. cuba tgk balik semua rukun islam. mengucap dua kalimah syahadah, solat 5 waktu, puasa in ramadan, zakat and hajj. yg lain semua perbuatan. tp kenapa yg syahadah tu lisan. hanya ucapan tanpa perbuatan?? kat sini act kita kena tgk balik. mengucap dua kalimah syahadah is not as easy. ia adalah yg paling berat antara 5 tu. why?? it goes back to ciri2 untuk jadi saksi dlm islam. berat kan nak jadi saksi dlm islam?? so, mengucap syahdah tu bukan ucapan sahaja tp termasuklah semua maksud yg tersirat in order to fit us as a witness.
and kita naik saksi bahawa tiada tuhan selain Allah and nabi Muhammad pesuruh Allah. maksudnya kita letak dia sebagai yg satu. tp dlm hati kita ada apa?? dunia... duit... kesenangan... cinta manusia... harta... so adakah semua tu membuktikan syahadah cinta kita bahawa hanya Dia yg satu??
2. solat 5 waktu.
in this case, Allah is the doctor. solat itu ubat. and 5 kali sehari with specific time is the prescription.
Allah dah bg ubat siap prescrition lagi. in real life, kalau kita xikut prescription yg doktor bg, apa jd?? ubat xberkesan, sakit xhilang, and kita mungkin overdose. so, kalau kita xikut prescription, xsolat ikut waktu, mcm mana solat tu mampu prevent us from doing anything bad?? and kalau kita xmakan ubat ikut waktu, next time makan ubat, kita akan makan dua kann?? same goes to solat. till up in one point, ubat tu kita amek sekaligus. 5kali terus dlm satu waktu. thus kita overdose. what will happen to us?? worst come to worst, kita akan mati sbb overdose tu. thus, the love towards the God will wither out of overdose.
solat tu jugak mcm udara. adakah kita mampu ckp, "xp laa. aku busy. so aku xboleh amek udara (solat) for a while sebab nak siapkan kerja"?
besides, solat ni juga mampu untuk kawal attachment yg kita ada pada duniawi. contoh, in teh middle of the hectic of studying, kita g solat and tinggalkan everything for hereafter. that shows yg study tu bukan suatu yg kekal. thus hati kita xkan terlalu attach to it. again, tgh main game or tgk muvi or buat kerja, if we go solat, it somehow helps our heart to not get attached to those worldly things. so, cmtu laa cara solat kawal our attachment to the world.
3. puasa bulan ramdan.
xyah tggu bulan ramadan. even kalau puasa sunat pun. in the fasting itself, basically kita akan tahan makan and minum and sexual pleasures. well. nampak mcm simple. food is something yg kita mmg akan get attach since we need to eat everyday kann. tp nmpk tak mcm mana puasa tu act tunjuk yg these things are worldly? puasa sebenarnya mengajar hati untuk tak get attached to those things laa.
4. zakat
zakat pulak ajar kita untuk tak get attached to harta benda dunia. sbb kita kena lepaskan some of it every year.
5. hajj
performing hajj akan buat kita x get attached to dunia jugak. even ihram pun xboleh ada seurat benang as in jahitan, making all people from different statuses teh same. ni kira physical detachment yg nyata laa.
so in short, kalau kita betul2 ikut 5 rukun islam ni, insyaAllah kita xkan ada attachment kat worldly things. thus putting only Him in our heart.
faraid. we also tend to do the extras rather than buat yg wajib.
"the best among you is the best to your families"
its like, you have money, but you keep donating to random ppl instead of bangunkan dulu people around u. contoh lain, you keep helping a lot of orphans here and there, tapi anak sendiri terkontang kanting.
so first - solid obligatory, second extras, third do em till Allah loves that servant.
"even when He takes away, He is giving."
the end. :D

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