Sinai attacks, another game ?

They say "If you want to know who the criminal is, then search for the beneficiary".
Once again "Israel" tries to involve the Palestinians in its terrorist plans, as Gazans were accused of Sinai attack that took place yesterday evening, Aug. the 5th /2012 , and caused 16 Egyptian soldiers to be killed .

First, I believe a piece of news that was released 3 days before the attack would help you understand how their sly game works . "abc News" has published on Thursday, Aug. the 2nd /2012: "Israel is urging its citizens traveling in Egypt's Sinai peninsula to return immediately amid warnings of an attack."
Anyone who reads this piece will automatically think "Isn't it strange how "Israel" evacuates its citizens 3 days before the attack ?!"

"Israel" has always been trying to control Sinai, their plans and attempts to show it as an insecure area and that it needs to be controlled by a greater force, which is an attempt to involve themselves in controlling the area, have always been clear ! ...
"If you don't come to democracy, democracy will come to you" !

Such kind of happenings only needs us to remain calm, and logically think about the data we have and who would be satisfied to commit such attacks !
Logically, Palestinians would not be that stupid to do something that causes them to return to their open-air prison again; since Rafah crossing that links Gaza with Egypt, and is almost the only outlet for the Gaza Strip to the outside world, was closed due to the latest attack .
I have read a point of view that was a comment on the latest happenings of Sinai.
The one who seemed to be aware of Gaza conditions said : "Israel couldn't force Egypt to close Rafah crossing, so it has created the circumstances that would force it to do so,"
This somehow reminds me of the Israeli policy when they intelligently choose the perfect time to assassinate a Palestinian official in the Gaza Strip to provoke Gazans, which at the end leads them to respond by shelling the border areas that are almost empty of Israeli citizens, while Palestinian response is always considered as "breaking the truce" that has never happened from the first place !

On the other hand, I find it funny how "Ovijaa Adraei", the official spokesman for the Israeli occupation forces, condemned the attack, describing it as an assault committed in the holy month of Ramadan by terrorists who do not respect anything. Meanwhile, a 22-year-old Palestinian guy was killed by an Israeli airstrike targeting a motorbike in the Gaza Strip, and surprisingly, this was also during the holy month of Ramadan !

In short, we have a proverb in Arabic that says : "He murders the victim, then walks in their funeral" . I believe this is a very intelligent policy, but not when you walk in the funeral with the blood of victims on your clothes ... Sometimes you need to wash them first, although I believe blood stains can be tricky to get out of clothes !

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