There was an interesting conversation between an Ustadz and the jama'ah (congregation) of his religious teaching consisting of senior women. The Ustadz asked his jama'ah, “Do you Ma'ams want to enter paradise?”

All the women answered in unison, “Yeeess….”

The Ustadz asked again, “Don't you Ma'ams want to die today?”

No one answered. Apparently, not even a person wished to die.

With a smile, the Ustadz said, “Then, how can we go to paradise, if we are never dead”. The Ustadz continued his question, “Do you Ma'ams want me to pray for your long life?”

Enthusiastically, they all answered, “Yeeess….”

The Ustadz asked again, “How long do you Ma'ams want to live? A hundred years? Two hundred or even a thousand years?

Even the 80-year old people are already looking awkward, not to mention those who are over a hundred years of age.”

It turned out that the questions just now did not end there. The Ustadz still kept on asking, “Ma'ams, do you love Allah?”

The answer could be guessed. The senior women simultaneously answered yes.

The Ustadz then said, “Usually when a person falls in love, he/she always long to met with his/her lover, don't you Ma'ams already long to meet with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala?"

Silence. No one answered.

Most of us are horrified to talk about death. Forget about talking about it, we do not even dare to imagine it. It is because we are not prepared to face the events after death. Whereas, either prepared or not, we would certainly go through it. Ready or not ready, death will surely come to greet us. Rather than being evasive always, it is better that from now on we start to prepare ourselves to encounter death.

The best preparation is to always remember death. Convince ourselves that death is a door toward Allah. Death is the route to a beautiful place, paradise. By always remembering death, we will always strive to make every action that we do as a step toward the paradise that is full of bliss.

Sometimes we fear of dying because death will separate us with our loved ones. Parents, siblings, husband/wife, children, this shows that we love them more than Allah. If we truly love Allah, then death is like a loving invitation from Allah.

Yaa Allaah, the Owner of the dunya!
Please teach us how to subdue the dunya, instead of us being subservient to the dunya.
When the glitters of the dunya bedazzle our view, when the abundance of the world jewels thrill our hearts, please remind us yaa Rabb!
Remind that Your pleasure and Your compassion are greater than the mere dunya which will be left behind for certain. Ameen Yaa Rabbal Alameen.

By : Islam online

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