Why Quran revealed in Arabic language not any other ?

Allah says in Quran in Surah Yousaf Ch: 12, V:02.

“Indeed we’ve revealed this Quran in Arabic language so that you (People of Arabia) can understand it”

Quran is revealed in Arabic because it was revealed for the guidance of Arabs and Arabic was the most famous language of that time. As Allah reveal Bible/Injeel in Hebrew language bcoz it was for the guidance of the people of Ban’i Isra’el and their most popular language was Hebrew.. so Quran revealed in Arabic, so that people can easily understand and attain Guidance. Moreover it was revealed on the people of Arabia that’s why its language was Arabic.

Now a days as we know that we don’t know Arabic language very well but some of us think that we should just read Quran in Arabic and then our responsibility will be complete that we recite quran or read it in Arabic. But Allah called this book the book of Hidaya’h means the book of Guidance. So how can one attain guidance if he/she not read quran in His/Her own language ?

So our responsibility is to read it in our own language so that we can get knowledge and guidance of Allah. Quran is the greatest book among all of other books so by just reading it in Arabic will not fulfill our duty. Our most duty is to understand it. As Allah says that we reveal it in Arabic so that you(Arabs) can understand it. If just reading would compulsory then it would be in Any language but just bcoz this book was reveal on that time because or the people of Arabia so it was necessary that it would revealed in Arabic language.

Quran is the Greatest Book amongst All books, It’s reveled in Greatest Language of that time (Arabic), it’s revealed on the Greatest Messenger (Prophet Muhammad PBUH), revealed in the Greatest month amongst all month (Ramdan), revealed through the Greatest angel (Hazrat Jibrayeel A.S), revealed on the Greatest land (Makkah).

But as we know now we’re not Arabs so we should read this Book in our own language so that we can get Knowledge of our islam and know our duties.

By : Just Trust in Allah

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